‘Black Lives Matter' Horse Set to Race Again This Weekend

It's the horse's first race since a video of him went viral in January

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Millions have seen the race in Louisiana when a horse from Dallas launched from last to first place.

But it's that horse's name that made people pay attention.

The horse, Black Lives Matter, is owned by the Hatley family from Oak Cliff.

They’re the first black family in Texas to race quarter horses, started by the late James Hatley Sr. in the 60s.

While the family maintained a presence in the rodeo world, it had been 30 years since they’d raced horses before Black Lives Matter pranced into the picture.

“It's like a dream come true. We gave this horse a name because we want to bring awareness to what's happening in the world today,” James Hatley Jr. told NBC 5 in February.

This Saturday, Black Lives Matter returns to the track in Houston for the Sam Houston Derby trials.

The 10 fastest qualifiers meet in the finals on May 20.

“This is a very prestigious race to win,” Hatley said. “Once we qualify, we have to stay here for 20 days. The horse cannot leave premises for 20 days.”

It's why the Hatley brothers have settled in for the long haul inside the barn Black Lives Matter is in. “We set aside our lives right now to represent Dallas, to represent all the minorities and to represent our love for horse racing,” Hatley said.

“We want to bring back a victory,” said Ke'elronn Hatley.

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