Goodwill Stores Hold Black Friday Sales

Metroplex Stores Holds 50% Off Sale

Like so many shoppers this holiday season, Amanda Nutter is always looking for a deal -- even if it’s dealing with the long lines and Black Friday chaos at the big-box stores.

After the morning madness Nutter visited GW Boutique, one of the high-end Goodwill stores.

"There were people killing each other the last cabbage patch kid or the Barbie doll and this is so much more calm," Nutter said.

Nineteen Goodwill stores across the Metroplex held their own Black Friday sale with all items at the stores available for 50-percent off.

“We're a retailer just like everybody else, we offer already great prices, but we thought that this could be another way to offer for better prices,” Kristen Bostick, a Goodwill spokesperson said.

Stephanie Sisk, a cashier who's been busy behind the register, says customers appreciate the bargain.

"Half of them didn’t even know about it,” Sisk said.

The revenue generated will provide funding for job training and placement programs for people with disabilities or who are unemployed. 

"It's just something that were just joining in on the Black Friday craze, it something else we can give back to the community," Bostick said.

This is Goodwill's second year to host the sale and the company has plans to do the same next year.

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