Free Adoption for Black Dogs, Cats

Carrollton shelter works to adopt more black cats and dogs

A local animal shelter is trying to overcome a big challenge: black cats and dogs are being overlooked for adoption.

This weekend the Carrollton Animal Shelter is giving people a big incentive to find these animals a good home by adopting out the pets for free.

“When you’re right here holding them, you can see how cute and adorable they are," said Carrollton spokesperson Scott Hudson. "Black pets are harder to photograph, it’s a little bit harder to capture their expression on a black animal’s face.  It’s harder to read them.  The ones that are lighter-colored or have different markings go faster."

Then, there are the stereotypes. Some people believe black cats are bad luck. Black dogs are often portrayed as mean in TV and movies. But the Carrollton Animal Shelter wants potential owners to know there’s nothing scary about their black animals who just need good homes.

“There are the stereotypes and superstitions about black cats being bad luck, certainly we don’t buy into that,” says Hudson.

To give the black dogs and cats a leg up, the shelter is adopting them out this weekend at no cost.  New owners will also get a voucher to neuter or spay your pet.

“They’re perfectly adorable and make great pets.  We are eager to get them into good homes,” says Hudson.

The “Back in Black” event runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and from 1:30-5 p.m. on Saturday.  The Adoption Center is located at 2247 Sandy Lake Road in Carrollton.

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