Bishop Arts Neighborhood in Dallas in the Middle of a Construction Boom

One of Dallas' quaint, old neighborhoods is undergoing a transformation. The Bishop Arts District is in the middle of a construction boom.

"There's a lot of noise and a lot of traffic," said long-time resident Maria Aguirre.

She doesn't like the change.

"No, but they want to build stuff here," she said.

The Aguirre home on Melba Street is surrounded by construction projects. Some of their neighbors have sold to developers. They say they've turned down offers to sell so far. The Aguirres say they are waiting for the right price.

"With all the construction you can see on the right side here, it has affected our daytime business," said Local Oak partner Felix Garcia.

That doesn't mean he's opposed to development. Garcia is hoping development eventually bring more business.

"I think some people are afraid Bishop Arts might turn into Uptown," Garcia said. "I don't know that I fear it. I think eventually change is inevitable. It's going to change whether I like it or not."

Juan Jasso thinks change is good. He has lived in Bishop Arts his whole life. Jasso said there used to be more police activity.

"Gunshots back over there, back in my alleyway," Jasso explained. "I think it (development) will make it more peaceful."

The Aguirres said they won't be around to see the new face of Bishop Arts. They plan to sell the home where they raised their children and grandchildren.

"Whenever they give the price of the house," Aguirre said. She says they are holding out for more money in the highly coveted neighborhood.

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