Birthday Parties for Homeless Children Expands to 12 Cities

A Dallas woman with a knack for event planning says a picture of a child in a magazine changed something in her heart forever.

Three years later, Paige Chenault launched a successful nonprofit organization called The Birthday Party Project, that brings joy to homeless children who need it most.

To this day, Chenault still smiles thinking about the very first party that changed her life.

“We did things like make bracelets and had a tattoo station. We tossed a football around and a dance party erupted in the middle of it and all the while I'm thinking, 'do you think these kids like this?’” Chenault recalled.

Three thousand birthdays later, The Birthday Party Project has created powerful moments in 12 cities across the nation. Ninety-one, “party coordinators” serve as volunteers and businesses and citizens donate all the party supplies.

The Addison headquarters is stuffed with toys and decorations, what most children dream of on a birthday.

Chenault, who left a successful event planning company behind to bring joy to children who need it the most, dreams of more cities, more parties and more kids feeling this kind of magic.

“We have literally created ripple effects of joy. The kids that we celebrate it are worth it,” Chenault said.

To donate or volunteer at The Birthday Party Project, click here

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