Kevin Young

Birds to Blame for Power Outages in Frisco, Little Elm

CoServ Electric says it has been fielding calls about brief power outages affecting some of its 42,000 customers in Frisco and 12,500 customers in Little Elm.

The company said the outages are caused by grackles congregating on the CoServ distribution lines and infrastructure at Eldorado Parkway and Farm-to-Market Road 423.

Wednesday, the Frisco Fire Department reported a small grass fire and several dead birds at the location, according to CoServ.

Neighbors in the Grayhawk neighborhood of Frisco said they have noticed the outages, which have only lasted about a minute.

"It happened twice today. It's just been a quick, complete power outage and then when it comes back on, alarm systems are beeping and we have to unhook the alarm system, set it back up, redo all the clocks, so it's kind of a pain," said resident Patrick Casey.

CoServ said birds may be congregating on power lines at major retail-based intersections to scout for food left behind by humans or insects attracted by the lights.

The company said its avian protection plan includes measures such as front-end spacing design of CoServ's system and the insulation of wires and equipment to safeguard against incidental contact by wildlife.

"In addition to spacing, CoServ equipment can be fitted with after-market moldings to prevent animal injury or worse. When possible, we retro-fit poles to enhance positioning, and we continually monitor our portion of the grid to ensure the safety of all human and animal life, including migratory birds," according to a company blog post.

The company said it's monitoring the situation to "ensure reliable flow of service as well as the safety of animal life."

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