Birds Fly by Brian Curtis During NBC 5 First at Four

NBC 5's network of skycams make for beautiful backdrops to NBC 5's newscasts and often help tell the story of weather conditions across Dallas and Fort Worth, but once in a while they capture nature.

Viewer Shane Young alerted us to birds that flew by the Dallas skycam behind Brian Curtis during NBC 5 First at Four on Tuesday.

Young thought it might be an eagle. We're not sure, but slowing the video down, we see three birds -- the first definitely having white feathers, the second having variegated colors and the third being too fast to identify.

NBC 5 viewers have always been observant when it comes to the skycams, and sometimes you just can't miss what flies in front of the camera. One of our favorite clips shows Meteorologist Grant Johnston's reaction to a wasp buzzing the Fort Worth skycam.

Watch NBC 5 Meteorologist Grant Johnston’s reaction when a wasp buzzed the Fort Worth skycam this morning,

A car spinning out on icy roads on Woodall Rodgers in Dallas.

Our Dallas skycam caught one driver having a hard time on Woodall Rodgers at I-35E in Dallas.

Storm clouds moving in.

Watch a timelapse video of storm clouds moving through North Texas from an NBC 5 tower camera in Downtown Dallas, Monday, April 10, 2017.

And Fourth of July fireworks over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

NBC 5 skycam in Dallas caught brilliant fireworks from Coppell. The fireworks were bright over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Also spotted -- a balloon floating up as we checked out a fire on the horizon.

An NBC 5 video engineer noticed something odd on our Fort Worth skycam as we looked toward a fire near Meacham Airport, what do you think it is? (We looped the video so you could watch it over and over)
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