Billboard: Hire Me, Please

Dallas woman buys billboard ad as part of job search

Julie Sarpy has a resume printed on a regular white sheet of paper, but the one that's getting all the attention sits just above Central Expressway in Dallas.

Sarpy rented the billboard for three days, at a price of $1,200.

"This is the best Christmas gift I could have bought myself," she said.

The billboard says, "Savvy Chic Stylopolitan Fashion Guru for Employ. 972-533-0308."

It may sound cryptic, but Sarpy said it's in shorthand, and those in the fashion world will understand.

She said she made up the word "stylopolitan." Sarpy said the word, a combination of "stylist" and "metropolitan," describes the job she is looking for.

"Ideally, I'd like something in the fashion industry," she said. "I'm more behind the scenes, in consulting and styling."

According to her resume, Sarpy has degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of North Texas. But some of the calls she's received about the billboard aren't for jobs.

"I've gotten the, 'Hey, you look hot,'" she said. "And then people saying, 'I think you're crazy' and 'what's wrong with you, I don't like your hair color.' A third have been people with a lot of grandiose ideas -- 'Oh, I have plans; we could get together and do this,' and then the other third have been serious."

But Sarpy said she's optimistic her new boss is out there.

"I am a hard worker, diligent, I know the market, I know clothes, and I'll do the best job ever for them," she said. 

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