Biker Arrested at Twin Peaks: “I Was Nothing More Than a Witness”

A biker arrested after the shootings at the Twin Peaks on May 17 that killed nine and left 18 injured in Waco said Monday he was falsely imprisoned for more than two weeks.

"We're supposed to believe in our justice system and that it's supposed to operate in a way that protects us and also a way of 'innocent until proven guilty,'" said Matthew Alan Clendennen. "It seems very obvious here, they took the opposite approach, 'guilty until proven guilty.'"

Clendennen, 30, a member of the Scimitar Motorcycle Club,  said he researched the club before joining to see if there were negative news reports about the club.

"What I was drawn to was the fact that every person I had talked to was a hard-working individual, supported their families, were actively involved in charity events and giving back to their community," said Clendennen.

Matthew Clendennen discusses his arrest at Twin Peaks in Waco. He said he had nothing to do with the violence and filed a federal civil rights lawsuit to address “carelessness from the justice system” that has tarnished his reputation.

Clendennen was on the Twin Peaks patio drinking a glass of water when fighting broke out in the parking lot. He says he heard gunshots ring out and he took cover inside the restaurant.

Clendennen said police came into the restaurant and detained everyone inside. He said he expected to give a statement and be released but ended up staying in jail, trying to sleep in zip tie handcuffs.

Clendennen said he was only told he was being arrested for "probable cause." A magistrate later told he and others they were being charged with "engaging in organized criminal activity" and that bond would be set at $1 million.

[NAT- DAL] Mug Shots for Suspects Detained After Twin Peaks Shooting

"I was nothing more than a witness that day, which I didn't really even witness anything," said Clendennen. "I heard gunshots, I saw a verbal altercation, other than that I was just there."

He said he "did not engage in any violence whatsoever nor did he encourage any other person to engage in violence." Clendennen's attorney said he underwent a polygraph test about those claims and passed the test.

Clendennen's background paints a much different picture than what some might believe of members of biker clubs.

Clendennen says he graduated from Baylor University in 2001 with a degree in business and finance. He shares custody of two children with his ex-wife and has two children with his current wife.

He said he owned his own landscaping business in the Waco area and had six employees prior to his arrest. Clendennen said he's at risk of losing his business because he's not allowed to leave the county and is under a curfew that makes running his outdoor lighting business difficult.

"I spent a long time putting together a reputation," Clendennen said before breaking down. "And to see how quickly such a careless response from all aspects, the justice system here, how quickly it can ruin something you worked so hard for."

"Just the whole response to everything and the negative affects it's had on my personal life, on my professional life, it's been overwhelming," Clendennen said.

Clendennen said he shared custody of his two children with his ex-wife but because of the arrest she has filed for full custody of their two children.

"Somebody needs to be held responsible for this, someone needs to be held accountable for this, and I know it's a long road ahead, but I know in the end the justice system will prevail and the truth will come out," said Clendennen.

9 Killed in Shootout at Twin Peaks in Waco

Clendennen's attorney said he has filed a civil lawsuit saying his client's arrest and detention is unconstitutional.

Matt Clendennen’s attorneys Clint Broden and former judge Michael Snipes talk to the media about their client. They say Clendennen was wrongfully imprisoned after the shootings at Twin Peaks in Waco.

Attorney F. Clinton Broden released a statement May 29 saying Clendennen is suing the City of Waco, McLennan County and Waco Police Officer Manuel Chavez. On Monday, Broden said Waco Chief of Police Brent Stroman would be added to that lawsuit.

Clendennen's attorneys also say they have requested the Department of Justice investigate the violation of his civil rights.

Clendennen said he hopes he would see some remorse and regret for how law enforcement handled the situation.

He said before owning that business he served in the fire departments of both Hewitt and Marlin and graduated from the fire academy.

He and his family have lived in the McLennan County area his entire life.

Other Bikers Battle Charges Against Them

Attorneys for three other bikers arrested May 17 also spoke Monday.

Attorney Brian Bouffard is representing Jorge Solis, a decorated U.S. Marine. Holding up a photo of Solis he said "This is not a thug."

Decorated former U.S. Marine Jorge Salinas’ lawyer Brian Bouffard says his client was eating a hamburger at Twin Peaks and ended up in jail. He is a member of a small Cossacks chapter out of Bell County.

Attorney Rick Rousseau is representing retired MSGT Darrell Walker and Army veteran Rolando Reyes. He said what's happened to his clients, after serving their country, is a "tremendous injustice."

Attorney Rick Rousseau who represents former military police officer retired MSGT Darrell Walker and U.S. Army veteran Rolando Reyes talked to the media about his clients.

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