North Texas

Big Win for Fort Worth's Lockheed Martin

Fort Worth's Lockheed Martin has been awarded a new $22 billion contract for 255 new F-35 fighter jets.

More than 100 of the F-35s will go to the Air Force, Marines and Navy, the rest will go to international partner nations and sold to foreign militaries.

Under terms of the deal, Lockheed receives $6 billion right away.

Most of the jet construction will be done in Fort Worth.

Lockheed did not say if the order will immediately bring new jobs to Fort Worth, but the company has held several hiring events in the past year and already employs more than 14-thousand people here in North Texas.

Each jet costs about $80 million to make. Lockheed says that's actually a cost savings.

The first batch of new F-35s should be complete by 2020.

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