Fort Worth

Big Trucks Causing Big Problems on Fort Worth's Sylvania Avenue

Neighbors on Sylvania Avenue in Fort Worth have a big problem with big trucks rolling up and down their street. They say it's a safety hazard and complained to the city. On Tuesday night, their voices will finally be heard.

The stretch of Sylvania Avenue from Northeast 28th Street to Belknap Street has some small businesses on one side and homes on the other.

You don't have to stand out there long to see what these folks are upset about. NBC 5 saw huge trucks including 18-wheelers rolling past Monday afternoon.

Neighbors say heavy traffic has long been a problem, but now, construction on Interstate 35 is driving more big commercial trucks onto Sylvania.

So Tuesday night, city council members will vote on a plan to close off the commercial delivery route on Sylvania from Northeast 28th Street to Belknap Street.

That would send big trucks off to other routes and be a huge relief to neighbors like Faye Nankivell, who said she has seen about 10 accidents on her street. Her dog was killed in traffic there, and she constantly worries about her young children.

"Always worry about them getting out the door somehow, so that door stays locked all of the time, they never go out," said Nankivell. "It would be nice to see some of the larger trucks off of this road, especially the 18-wheelers, and they will fly through here. It's like the 35 speed limit is non-existent."

The city's Transportation and Public Works Department agrees the stretch of road should not be a commercial delivery route.

The department is in the process a city-wide review of that routing system that was adopted back in 1994. A lot has changed since then, so expect more roads could shift on or off the list when the review is done this fall.

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