“Big Trinity Revel” Planned for Sunday

The City of Dallas will be holding  several big events dubbed as "The Big Trinity Revel" on Father's Day.

The city is celebrating the opening of four sites; the Continental Avenue Bridge Park, the new Sylvan Avenue Bridge, the West Dallas Gateway and the Skyline Trail.

The old Continental Avenue Bridge has been turned into a park. The bridge park's opening will be celebrated with a 5K Sunday morning followed by a gospel brunch on the bridge.

There will be four separate ribbon cutting ceremonies at each of the sites locations will follow in the afternoon.

Various other activities will be staged in the area between the Hunt Hill Bridge and Trinity Groves to celebrate the West Dallas Gateway.

There will also be activities at the Skyline Trail, a hike and bike trail that winds through the Trinity's levees that will eventually stretch to near Loop 12 in Irving.

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