Big Tex Kicks Off 2015 State Fair of Texas in Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots

Big Tex represents the great state of Texas from his head to his feet.

Lucchese Boots
For the 2015 State Fair of Texas, Big Tex is sporting a pair of Lucchese boots.

The State Fair of Texas’ famous cowboy can be seen wearing a pair of Texas-themed Lucchese boots. The brand is known for being hand made in Texas.

"Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and that includes Big Tex and the State Fair of Texas," said Doug Kindy, president of Lucchese. “This partnership represents the best of Texas, and we're thrilled to be a part of it by outfitting Big Tex with our unrivaled Lucchese fit."

The size 96 boots were handmade and painted by a team of 14 artists who recreated a style featured the classic 1949 American state Lucchese boots series. The custom pair features many Texas symbols, including the state flag, the capital, bluebonnets and longhorns. They stand at 12 feet tall and weigh about 900 pounds.

Only a few human-sized boots of that style remain. To recreate a new pair, it would cost about $10,000.

Big Tex will be showing off his one of a kind boots until the fair ends on Oct. 18.

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