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Bidder Pays $50K to Name Dallas Baby Giraffe

The newest giraffe at the Dallas Zoo will be named by someone who's paying $50,000 to choose the moniker.

Zoo spokeswoman Laurie Holloway said Monday that the individual has not yet selected a name for the male calf born Oct. 26.

Holloway said the bidder, who does not want to be publicly identified, offered the top price Saturday night at the Dallas Zoo's annual fundraiser. The giraffe-naming money will benefit conservation efforts.

Officials said first-time mother Chrystal gave birth to the giraffe, who measured 6-feet tall and weighed about 120 pounds at birth.

"A new giraffe is always a reason to celebrate," Dallas Zoo vice president of animal operations and welfare Lynn Kramer added. "They’re remarkable animals, and are seriously threatened in the wild. Conservation is a key mission of our zoo, and this calf’s birth will allow us to offer a timely teaching message about the efforts being made on their behalf."

The Dallas Zoo said the baby is a reticulated giraffe, a species with fewer than 4,700 left in the wild. He also won't be too far away from dad, Tebogo, who lives at the zoo.

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