Beware of Falling Rocks

Woman says vandals threw rocks at her car on Dallas North Tollway

A Cedar Hill driver said she was targeted by rock-wielding vandals on the Dallas North Tollway on Thursday.

Teana Bush said she was driving northbound under the Wycliff overpass Thursday afternoon when a rock shattered her windshield.

"I just saw a black object, then heard a boom," she said. "Then I heard the glass crack, and all I did was hold onto my steering wheel."

Dallas police said it's fairly common, and teenagers are typically the culprits.

"It's very dangerous," Bush said, pointing to the damage on the right side of her windshield.

"The blessing is that it shattered on the passenger side instead of the driver's side which would have impaired me from being able to see," she said.

Bush is out a $100 deductible for a new windshield but said she considers herself lucky because the damage only scratched the surface.

"I'm just grateful I was able to control the car and not hurt myself or anyone else," she said.

Investigators are checking surveillance cameras on the toll road to see if the incident was caught on camera.

Police said people who throw rocks at moving cars can be charged will a felony.

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