Dallas Cowboys

Betting Business on Cowboys Playoff Win

For years, David Candanoza of Cedar Hill Roller Rink has been betting his business on the Dallas Cowboys.

In the nine years he’s owned the place, he’s been issuing gift certificates with a unique expiration date:  when the Dallas Cowboys win a playoff football game.
The certificates, which he honors for a private skating party, have been given out to support local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, church organizations, and other local groups who need help fundraising.
Candanoza says the idea is meant to stand out and make his business memorable, but he’s happy to see the certificates expire if it means good news for the Dallas football franchise.
“It’s just hard to believe that finally, finally they’re going to do something,” he said. “It’s just great – the Cowboys do good, everyone does good.”
Candanoza tells NBC DFW one customer recently booked a skating party with a certificate after holding onto it for three years. He says the woman realized the Cowboys were having a strong season and realized it was time to book.
If the Cowboys win on Sunday, he says he’ll start issuing gift certificates with a new expiration clause for when the Texas Rangers win their next playoff game.
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