Best Byron Nelson Stories Aren't On the Course But in the Locker Room

At the AT&T Byron Nelson golf tournament, the most memorable moments aren’t always on the course; but rather, in the Four Season’s locker room.

It’s a pit stop for every player. “So we see them when they come in, we see them when they leave. Some are happy, some are not,” said long-time locker room attendant Martin Oribhabor with a laugh. “When you don’t make money you’re not happy!”

Oribhabor has had a lot of fun with these golfers during his 32 Byron Nelson tournaments. “Especially when it rains, you know they kind of have a break from playing and they all come in the same time,” Oribhabor said. “All sitting here, some lying down on the floor, you know crazy stuff. Talking crazy, you know!”

Out of all of his golfing friends, he has something special in common with Nick Price. “We are from the same continent of Africa. So he is from Zimbabwe, and I am from Nigeria,” Oribhabor said.

Martin could also be to credit for helping Price prepare for the 1991 tournament with a good-luck dance. “Going into Sunday morning and he’s like second place. I said, ‘now we really need to dance!’” Oribhabor said with a laugh. “So we danced, and danced, and we gave a high five and wished him ‘good luck.’ He went out and played and he won.”

As for the rest of his 32 years of stories—he’ll keep those to himself. “So for 30 years, you know that would be a lot of stuff. But I don’t want to say that,” Oribhabor said while laughing. “I don’t want to be sued!”

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