Bernie Sanders Visits Grand Prairie Thursday to Rally for Texas Democrats

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders visited North Texas on Thursday to rally with local Democrats.

The former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination spoke to nearly 2,000 people at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie.

"Texas are you ready for a political revolution?" Sanders said, as he walked on stage.

Sanders and other Democratic Party leaders are touring the country on a tour called "Come Together and Fight Back." He told NBC 5 political reporter Julie Fine they are trying to unite people around an agenda that works for Americans.

Sanders is in Texas one week before President Donald Trump hits the milestone of 100 days in office.

"I think, as a candidate, Donald Trump went around the country, and he said to working people, 'I am with you. I am going to provide heath care to everybody. We are going to drain the swamp. We are going to stand up to the establishment.' Well, it turns out that you don't stand up for working people, when you support health care legislation, that throws 24 million people off of health care,'" Sanders said.

On stage, the Vermont senator sounded more like a candidate at times, hitting on topics like affordable heath care, equal pay and paid family leave.

Fine asked him if he was thinking about running again.

"I think it is, in all due respect, media worries about what is going to happen four years from now. That is not where the American people are now," Sanders said.

Tom Mechler, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, released the following statement about the Democratic unity tour:

"After two embarrassing losses in Kansas and Georgia, the radical left is now bringing their failing 'Democrat turnaround tour' to Texas, headlined by Bernie Sanders, who doesn't consider himself to be a Democrat, and his fellow socialist comrade, Keith Ellison. These divided Democrats have no clear message or vision, which is why over 50 percent of Americans continue to have an unfavorable view of this Party. Socialism has no home in Texas, and the Texas Democrats embrace of two avowed socialists will only push them further towards irrelevancy in our conservative state."

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