Bedroom Set Blunder: Couple Waits Months for Ordered Furniture

A Keller couple was caught up in a furniture fiasco after they bought a new bedroom set and waited months for it to arrive.

The set was damaged somehow before it even got to their door, and they couldn't get the company to get them a replacement or a refund.

Tracey and Tom Noonan know a thing or two about a spectacular home. Tracey is an interior decorator.

"I figured I better marry her," Tom Noonan joked. "It's cheaper to marry her than pay her hourly for services."

Their Keller home looks right out of a magazine. Their builder even uses photos of it in his brochure.

Tracey Noonan had a specific plan for their bedroom.

"A sleigh bed with leather covering on the back well, the headboard and the foot board," she said.

It was early November and the furniture stores couldn't promise that specific bed before Thanksgiving and Christmas. But Coleman Furniture (https://colemanfurniture.com/) said it could do it in two to four weeks, so the set might arrive by Thanksgiving and certainly by Christmas, or so they thought.

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"They called and said there's a problem with your shipment," Tom Noonan said.

Coleman shipped the bedroom set to a Dallas delivery company.

"Apparently the foot board was scratched and the top of the dresser was cracked," Tom Noonan said.

"They had to replace the whole top of the dresser," Tracey Noonan said.

The Noonans said they went back and forth with Coleman and the shipper for weeks.

"The holidays have come and gone. It was 10 weeks when we got involved."

Meanwhile the couple was sleeping on the floor.

"Every night you go in at the end of the day and you're laying on that mattress on the floor. It's very frustrating," Tracey Noonan said.

"You know, we're not teenagers anymore," Tom Noonan said.

They tried to get a refund.

"Their policy is 25-percent restocking fee plus shipping charges," Tom Noonan said.

NBC 5 Responds contacted Coleman Furniture who said released a statement, saying, "Providing excellent customer service is our primary objective. We are remedying this issue immediately."

And they did with a $4,212 refund.

"I've had more communication from Channel 5, from the start when I sent everything in, to the finish, and even follow up. We were just astounded," Tom Noonan said.

Tracey Noonan said she plans to take the money from the refund to a brick-and-mortar furniture store.

"I will go to a store. I will not do anything online like that," she said.

Tom Noonan said the issue here appeared to be customer service. If the bedroom set wasn't broken they would probably have been happy customers. But this time something went wrong and they couldn't get help.

If that happens to you remember to document everything and don't be afraid to go higher up in the company.

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