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Bedford Group Pushes Back on Planned Apartment Complex

Group argues population density is a strain on city services and resources

A battle is brewing in Bedford as the fight against high-density apartment living rages on.

A developer is currently working to build a 240-unit complex south of Bedford Road and west of Parkwood Drive. The development still requires approval, and a group of Bedford residents is requesting a change of zoning rules to avoid what they consider overdevelopment.

"I’m not saying necessarily no more apartments, but they need to be done in such a manner that the density is not hugely impacted and the quality of the apartments and locations are better," said Bryan Henderson, with the group "Save Bedford, TX."

The "Save Bedford, TX" group is concerned by the growth of apartment complexes in the area and what they mean to the quality of life in the city. They say the density is a strain on city services and resources.

"That means there’s more people, more cars, more of all things that are associated with people living in the city," Henderson said. "All the infrastructure and the traffic, the streets, the police departments and the schools...on and on."

Tom Burnett, who is also a member of the group, said they are trying to preserve the Bedford they know and love.

"Preserve what remaining land that we have left, which we are constantly reminded by the city officials and our planning and zoning that we are basically built out and we have very little land left," Burnett said. "We want to preserve that not for high density development but economic development."

The company hoping to open the apartment complex, Realty Capital, issued a statement saying, in part:

"Part of the concern being voiced by Bedford residents stems from false rumors about the project being spread on social media. After receiving feedback from the City Manager and Council we are now also working on a secondary option to accommodate the concerns of Bedford residents. It includes the adjacent City owned land and results in a significant reduction of available multi-family land, but would require a zoning change to allow for single-family neighborhood on the eastern portion of the property.

This single family would serve as a more appropriate transition to Bedford Parc. This updated Plan is a more complete option and removes any perceived negative impacts to the residents of Bedford Parc.

Our experience shows that the residents of Bedford Parc will likely be the biggest beneficiaries of Council’s approved vision likely achieving above market increases in value compared to projects that are more suburban in nature.

This has been proven in similar DFW projects including Realty Capital projects: Lakeside and the Venue at North Richland Hills."

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