Beating the Heat in the Metroplex

When temperatures in North Texas reach the triple digits, people do whatever they can to cool off.

For welder Michael Gomez, that includes hydration and fans.

“We just deal with it every day, and we try to get as many fans as we can blowing in our direction,” said Gomez.

In addition to fans, Gomez said he brings a case of water with him to work and downs one bottle about every 15 minutes. He also mixes in some Gatorade, too.

“Once you start working your mind just blows off the heat,” he added.

Some who were not at work Thursday found cool refuge at Burger's Lake in Fort Worth.

Leslie Wilbert found it's a great place to keep her 2-year-old son to keep busy.

“It’s hard being inside all day with a little one. They need to get out. He needs to get out, run and play and jump, so this is a perfect place to do it,” said Wilbert.

None of those cooling off at the spring-fed water park seemed in a rush to leave.

“We went to an indoor amusement park and stayed 10-and-a-half hours, so I’m sure we will close this place, too,” said Jane Rich.

Temperatures Thursday reached 104 degrees at D/FW International Airport. While a weak cold front is expected Friday, temperatures are still expected to climb close to 100 degrees.

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