Bear Attack Survivor Returns to North Texas

A man attacked by a brown bear in the Alaskan wilderness is now back home in North Texas.

Greg Matthews, of Plano, was hunting moose with his brother Tuesday in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge when he was mauled and seriously injured.

The bear was with two yearlings when it moved into the area where Matthews was hunting, according to Matthews.

Matthews alerted his brother, who was nearby, just before he was attacked.

As the sow approached, Matthews said he was able to keep his composure together long enough to fire a shot at the animal, which struck her in the jaw. Matthews then used the barrel of his rifle and shoved it into the bear’s mouth before the animal knocked him to the ground.

Matthews said the bear bit into his head, and later his arm as he raised it in self-defense. He has bite marks on his back and leg, as well.

In addition, Matthews said the bear picked him up and tossed him during the attack. He recalls trying to protect this throat as the mauling continued.

His brother was able to divert the animal’s attention and shoot it. He then helped Matthews back to a boat the men had used to reach the remote area.

Nearby fisherman raced to find cell phone service and called for help. Matthews was then airlifted to a hospital in Soldotna.

He returned Sunday to North Texas where his focus remains on his family and healing.

As a man of great faith, Matthews said he believes God intervened in various ways to save his life.

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