Baylor the Focus of Bowlsby's Big 12 Media Day Press Conference

During a kick-off news conference for Big 12's media days, Commissioner Bob Bowlsby took the stage Monday morning for his opening press conference and spoke for more than 20 minutes before taking a question.

Once he did, almost all of the attention was focused on the scandal on the campus at Baylor University.

Bowlsby said he believes other members of the Big 12 have been "sullied" by the scandal, and that leaders at Baylor will meet with the Big 12 board in Dallas Tuesday. 

"When one member’s reputation is damaged, I think all of our images are damaged," Bowlsby said.

At first, Bowlsby described Baylor as "forthcoming," but quickly clarified that statement. 

"My comment was intended to indicate they have been cooperative," Bowlsby said. 

He went on to stress that the discussions with Baylor are far from over and that the conference will get more information than what the public already knows.

“There will be hard questions asked,” Bowlsby said.

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