Battle Over Breast-Feeding

Store worker says mother not mistreated

A Coppell mother says a clothing store worker told her to stop breast-feeding her baby.

Naomi Yap said she was in a dressing room inside the Hollister Co. store at Vista Ridge Mall when a store employee stopped her.

"The minute I started, the curtain swung open really fast and the man said, 'You lady, you can't breast-feed in our store, it's against our policy,'" Yap said.

"I definitely wanted to let him know what he did and the way he disrespected Naomi was not acceptable, and it was not okay to treat women that way," said Yap's husband, Marc.

The employee said he saw Yap go into the dressing room with the baby. When he was checking to see if the dressing room was open, he didn't see feet under the curtain. He pulled open the curtain and saw her breast-feeding.

The Yaps filed a formal complaint to Hollister Co. which said it would look into the matter.

"Would it have been an issue at all had I just been giving him a bottle in the dressing room? I don't know," Naomi Yap said.

A store worker denies Yap's claim of mistreatment. The worker said Yap was told the mall had nursing stations available.

Texas law says "a mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be."

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