Barbara Bush's Former Personal Aide Shares Memories of the Former First Lady

A young Dallas woman, who spent years as Barbara Bush's personal aide, sat down to share some private moments spent with the former first lady.

Catherine Branch talked to NBC 5's Meredith Land on Tuesday before boarding a plane to Houston to say goodbye.

She spoke of Mrs. Bush's quick wit, love of family and the one thing most people never knew about her.

"My favorite moments with her were coming in every morning to the house, coming up to her little office, the dogs were sitting right next to her. She was just in her pajamas reading the paper and, 'Good morning, Catherine. What do we have on the schedule today?'," said Branch.

Branch says the three and a half years she spent as "personal aide to Barbara Bush" were a gift, and each day... wonderfully unpredictable.

"You know, you couldn't really pull her back a bit, she said what she thought and I think that's what everyone loved about her - she didn't really have a filter," said Branch.

Branch was with her for the public appearances, but also spent months with the "former first couple" at the family's compound in Kennebunkport.

"They're like two high school kids, still in love, they hold each other's hands in the living room when they're watching TV, they fight over who loves each other more," said Branch.

During the interview, Land ask Branch "what do you think the public didn't know about Barbara Bush?"

"I don't think she really liked the fame. I think she could have been a happy camper not being in the limelight her entire life," said Branch.

But Branch said Mrs. Bush was grateful for her life.

"She said, 'I am the luckiest person because of George Bush. He has given me the world, he's let me travel to places I would have never traveled to before, met people, seen things.' She gives him all the credit," said Branch.

Branch holds old letters and pictures close.

"I picture her in her cashmere sweater and her little KEDs tennis shoes, just reading a book or doing her needlepoint, doing her puzzle. Those were her favorite things to do," said Branch.

Land asked what Branch planned to tell Mrs. Bush, on her final day.

Through tears, Branch responded "Just how much she meant to me and that I love her."

Meredith Land talked to Branch on Tuesday night after the passing of Mrs. Bush. Branch told Land that she was with Mrs. Bush most of the day and said- "she knew that I was there."

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