Bank of America Announces $1 Million Gift for New Parkland Health Center

The newly gifted health center is set to open this fall and will help those in underserved areas of Dallas

For Dallas residents in underserved areas, there's a new health center on its way thanks to the generous $1 million donation from Bank of America.

The RedBird Health Center (RHC) is set to open in September and will provide a range of vital preventative health services to underserved residents in the area.

According to RHC, projections show that once fully staffed, the RedBird Health Center will provide 18,000 preventive and primary care visits each year, and 23,000 women's specialty health visits each year for people living in southern Dallas County.

The purpose of the center is to address a high percentage of patients living in underserved zip codes with little to no access to primary health physicians or specialists.

"Today in Dallas County your ZIP code is a better predictor of health than your genetic code," said Christina Mintner, senior vice president of population health at Parkland. "We believe that where you live should not define how long and how well you live. That's why we're building the new RedBird Health Center in the heart of southern Dallas County, to fight the inequities in healthcare."

Located at U.S. Route 67 and Interstate 20, the 40,000 square-foot health center will provide a variety of services in the Red Bird area from primary care to breast cancer screenings and rehabilitation.

RHC will also further address transportation barriers by including the technology needed to provide virtual methods of care such as telehealth, e-consults and virtual shared medical appointments.

To learn more about the new RedBird Health Center or to make a donation, please contact Parkland Foundation at 214-266-2000 or visit www.IStandforParkland.org.

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