Ballooning Spiders Fly North Texas Skies

It's that time of year again, spiders take to the sky on silky strings.

Melody emailed video and said, "I think these are migrating spiders."

She's right, that's Mother Nature at work.

Long silky strands falling across North Texas actually signal the migration of a cluster of spiders.

We did a story in 2013, where the Dallas Zoo explained after baby spiders hatch "they spread a little silk line from their abdomen, the wind catches that and spreads them into the air like a balloon."

The silk acts similar to a parachute, allowing them to move their home from one spot to another.

An Extension Program Specialist with Texas A&M said typically, it's done by young spiders, but some adult spiders also use the process to move from location to location.

How far they travel depends on the air current.

For those with arachnophobia, take heart. Most of these spiders are harmless and eat only other insects. Experts recommend just leaving the eight-legged creatures alone.

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