Backyards Collapsing Along Denton Creek

Homeowners in a Coppell neighborhood are bracing for a round of severe weather.[[371331131,C]]

The forecast is particularly concerning because of an erosion that is causing backyards to collapse.

A group of eight residents on the 900 block of Parker Drive have been seeking help from the city to fix the problem along Denton Creek.

"In the last few months, it's just eating more and more of our backyard," said Jitu Nagale. "It's a scary situation. I have two kids and I can't let them in the backyard. There's no way."

Grapevine Lake feeds into Denton Creek. Neighbors experienced flooding and erosion due to the release of water from heavy rain in May.

"This is just outrageous. It got up within a few feet of our yards when they released all of that water from Grapevine Lake," resident John McCullough said. "The first thing my wife and I do when we wake up in the morning upstairs is look out the window."

McCollough and his neighbors reached out to Coppell city councilmembers and City Engineer Ken Griffin, but a resolution has not been reached.

"The verdict is this is private property and we're responsible for taking care of it," McCullough said. "We're trying to get more estimates from engineers and contractors."

Neighbors are hoping the city will take action on approving funds to mitigate erosion along Denton Creek.

In a statement, City of Coppell Spokeswoman Sharon Logan said, "To date, the city is still waiting to hear from the homeowners and their engineer(s) regarding a meeting date to review all documentation."

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