Back-in Parking Pulls Into Denton Next Week

After two years of warning, a big traffic change is finally about to take place on East Hickory Street in Denton, as drivers have to start backing into parking spots.

City Streets Supervisor Mark Nelson said crews are just awaiting a dry day so they can paint traffic lines on the street and put the new parking patterns into effect.

The Hickory Street Grand project was basically completed late last week, with the entire stretch from the Downtown Square to the DCTA A-Train station being renovated and beautified.

The only thing left to do is the road striping, once weather permits, and Nelson anticipates that to happen early next week. Meaning by early as mid-week, the back-in rules could be in effect.

Drivers on the stretch will now have to pull past their parking spot, signal, and back in at an angle.

Nelson said the city council chose the pattern to make the street safer for pedestrians and drivers in the popular shopping and restaurant district.

"If you're accessing your trunk or the back seat, well you can do that right off the side walk,” said Nelson. "Pulling out into traffic you'll have unobstructed views."

The plan is modeled after similar parking situations in cities like Austin.

Some in Denton are concerned about the change, as this will be the first time many in town have dealt with angled back-in parking.

Our media partners at the Denton Record Chronicle compiled this list of answers to questions about what will be integrated onto the streetscape:

  • There will be a two hour parking limit on the free parking spots
  • Speed will remain at 30 mph
  • Some spots will be marked “compact only” with others ready to accommodate full-sized vehicles
  • Wheel stops are in place to help drivers know how far to back in
  • A ticket for parking the wrong way will run $50

In addition, some parallel parking spots will be offered along the stretch and the large lot at the Wells Fargo building is back open for parking.

New signs warning of the parking rules are in place and covered with trash bags until the road striping is complete.

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