Baby's Struggle Leads to Two Deserving Donations

Stephanie and Brett Parker, founders of the swaddle line Zipadee Zip, presented checks to two deserving entities: The Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Blumenthal Family of Virginia.

Kelly Blumenthal's unborn child was diagnosed with a heart abnormality and wasn't expected to survive past birth.

During the pregnancy, Kelly reached out to the Parkers after purchasing one of their swaddles.

"The original reason why I reached out to them was to tell them what a fantastic experience I had purchasing the zippee for the first time with my first son Mason," says Kelly.

"I was letting them know that we were going to be purchasing a second one with the new baby, but then later, I wanted to let them know that unfortunately, we may not be able to purchase a second because of his condition," she adds.

Kelly's story touched the Parkers, who had lost a baby years ago.

"I think it's one thing to see people on the street or people in general who need help. It's another thing when you see a child," says Brett Parker. "We felt it was only right for us to do what we could because we're in a position to help."

The Parkers' Sleeping Baby Company created a campaign online that rallied up the support and prayers of thousands for Finn Blumenthal, who survived birth.

Sleeping Baby also developed a swaddle transition blanket in Finn's honor.

"Our fans supported him in such a unique way and all the people that loved on him and prayed on him really had an impact," says Stephanie Parker.

Proceeds from each sale of the Finn swaddle go towards Finn's medical bills.

Ten percent of sales is donated to the Ronald McDonald House, which provided temporary housing for the Blumenthals while Finn received medical treatment.

Last week, the Parkers presented a $3,500 check to the Blumenthal family and a $10,000 check to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

"I don't think that when we created the little Zipadee Zip for our little girl, that we ever thought that we could touch someone in another state, across the country and eventually touch so many people through this little boy Finn. I think we are humbled," says Stephanie.

"I never thought it would end up to where it is today but I am so blessed and grateful," says Kelly.

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