‘Baby Shark' Used as a Distraction for Toddler Needing Stitches

The incident happened July 19, but the video has just surfaced via Facebook

Parents, especially if they have a toddler at home, know all about the "Baby Shark" song, but for the parents of a 3-year-old needing stitches it was a godsend.

Katelyn Lyman hit her chin on a windowsill at her Mansfield home. When her parents took her to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, doctors determined she needed six stitches.

Her trip to the emergency room was a little less scary thanks to "Baby Shark."

The doctor, nurses and mom started singing and dad, who is an Arlington police officer, recorded the sweet moment. The YouTube tune did the trick, and helped distract little Katelyn as doctors stitched her up.

Katelyn was all fixed up -- and is doing just fine.

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