Baby Food Tests Positive for Explosives at DFW

Security officers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport confiscated a jar of baby food and a juice box when they tested positive for trace amounts of explosives, officials said.

"It just didn't clear," said Transportation Security Administration spokesman Luis Casanova. "We tried to clear it because we wanted to give the baby food back to the mom, but it wouldn't clear. The only alternative was to hold it."

It happened Thursday morning in Terminal A as the mother and baby were boarding a flight.

"She was understandably upset," Casanova said.

He said the food and drink were pre-packaged and did not appear to be tampered with, so it appeared the alert was a false positive.

"There could be a thousand reasons why that happened," Casanova said.

The woman and her baby went on to their flight, he said. The TSA threw away the food and juice.

This incident comes after a photo of a baby being patted-down at Kansas City International Airport was posted on Twitter over the weekend.

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