Collin County

Baby Born in Collin County Family's Driveway

A Collin County family's brand new minivan is where their new baby drew his first breath.

Elizabeth and Joshua Westbrook never made it out of the driveway on their way to the hospital.

"With my first labor, those (contractions) went on for two days, so I wasn't alarmed," Elizabeth said. "I just wanted to get settled into labor and thought this could go on for hours, if not days."

Well, that was not the case. After a few hours of labor, her baby boy demanded to be born, but Elizabeth hadn't left the house yet. She and her husband ran to the van, but it was too late.

"I put it in reverse, she tells me to stop – that she can't go any further, the baby's coming," said Joshua Westbrook. "She's pushing and I listen to her. So I stop the car, and by the time I put it in reverse to park, walk around the vehicle, the head was already out."

"My sister-in-law and college roommate comes running down the driveway and gets there just in the nick of time, where I'm letting out another scream," Elizabeth Westbrook continued. "She just barely caught him by seconds."

The baby's name is George.

"He's a tough guy," Joshua Westbrook said. "He came out perfectly, gave us about three or four minutes of crying, he got his color, he started breathing on his own, we wrapped him up in a cover and gave him to Elizabeth and she held him in her lap."

They raced to Texas Health Presbyterian Plano in eight minutes with their hazard lights on, and everything turned out just fine.

"I wanted a natural birth, and I prayed to God for quick delivery," Elizabeth Westbrook said. "And be careful what you pray for, because he gave me my quick delivery and honestly it was very exciting. And looking back, we have a story for the rest of our lives and that George will have for the rest of his life as well."

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