Axe Throwing Latest Sport to Sweep Country

Think darts but with a heavier dart.

The latest sport to sweep the country is axe-throwing – players throwing real axes at a bullseye.

"It's sticking it in that bullseye, retrieving it from that board," said Jesus Kendall, manager of Bad Axe Throwing in Dallas and Fort Worth. "It's a good stress reliever. Lots of fun."

Jason Stephens and his co-workers at an oil company came to Fort Worth recently to play.

"I like it," he said. "I've been bowling, I've played poker, I've played pool. This is the new thing and it's a lot of fun."

Bad Axe Throwing has grown to more than 30 locations across the country. Owned by a Canadian entrepreneur, they're also opening venues in the United Kingdom and Australia.

"It's only just starting," Kendall said. "It's kind of like an underground thing that no one really knows about. It's been around since 2014 and people are only finding out about it now.

Scoring is similar to darts. Players try to hit different parts of the target to get points.

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