Auto Service Centers Packed Ahead of Holiday Travel Time

Getty Images

As North Texans prepare to hit the road this holiday season, auto service centers across the Metroplex have been busy.

On the day before Christmas Eve, mechanics at Park Cities Ford Lincoln Mercury worked hard, trying to finish servicing of customers' vehicles before closing time.

"This whole week has been a little hectic," said Bill Fisher, service center manager. "I think we'll be changing oil until the 7 o'clock whistle."

Most of the vehicles filling almost every service bay belonged to customers such as Kam Gordon.

"We're going to drive to Oklahoma, and we wanted to be sure the car was shipshape," Gordon said.

"People are coming and getting their car serviced, waiting until the last minute before they hit the road, getting their fluid level checked, tire pressure checked, making sure their antifreeze is OK before the big storms hit," Fischer said.

"(I) don't want to get on the road and go, 'Uh oh,'" Gordon said.

Fisher said a well-serviced vehicle is just the start of a stress-free holiday trip.

"Because one little slipup could ruin the entire Christmas vacation," he said.

And gas prices are holding steady across Texas at an average price of $2.43 per gallon for unleaded.

"I'm surprised they haven't raised them," Gordon said.

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