Chris Blake

Authorities Investigate ‘Suspicious' Early Morning Fires in Frisco

The fires were put out around 4 a.m. Wednesday in Frisco's Heritage Village neighborhood

Authorities are investigating a series of suspicious fires that burned in Frisco early Wednesday morning, fire officials say.

Firefighters put out two fires in separate plastic trash bins around 4 a.m. Wednesday, before they discovered residential mailboxes in which the contents were burned, according to the Frisco Fire Department.

The fires were near the intersection of Nicholson Drive and Robertson Drive in the city's Heritage Village neighborhood.

Fire officials said no vehicles or homes were threatened or damaged in the the fires.

The Frisco Fire Prevention Office, Frisco police and United States Postal Service are investigating the fires, the causes of which have not been determined.

Officials asked that anyone with information regarding the fires call the Frisco Fire Prevention Office at 972-292-6320 or email

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