Austin Road Rage Fight Caught on Camera

Austin police are searching for two men involved in an apparent road rage fight that was caught on camera.

The brawl broke out at about 10:45 Monday morning, according to the individual who posted video of it to YouTube. A version was also posted on Twitter, seen above with muted audio due to profanity.


***WARNING: The video contains profanity. ***


The video shows a man walk up to a pickup truck with a bat to confront the driver. The driver of the truck jumps out and grabs a weapon, possibly a piece of lumber, from the bed of his pickup.

The men proceed to hit one another several times with their weapons for about 20 seconds. It is unclear from the video what caused the confrontation.

I would urge citizens not to get involved in a disturbance,” Officer William Costello told NBC affiliate KXAN. “Just be the best witness you can. Instead of filming, call 9-1-1.”

Neither of the men have been identified. Police are asking anyone who witnessed the incident to contact them.

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