Auditor Hired By DCS Says Agency Can Survive Financial Trouble

DCS board told it will have to essentially write off $17 million loss from bus camera program

An auditor hired by Dallas County Schools says the agency appears to have a plan that can reel the troubled school bus agency back from the brink of financial collapse.

That new audit shows just how bad the financial situation became at DCS over the last year.

It says in 2016 there was substantial doubt about the agency's ability to continue to operate.

The auditor told the board Tuesday he believes the agency can survive because of a restructuring plan the board has put in place. They've already laid off more than 100 employees, and they're restructuring their debts.

Still, the financial damage will be long lasting.

Tuesday, the board was told DCS will have to essentially write off a $17 million loss on its controversial school bus camera program that was supposed to pay for itself but never did.

Some board members questioned why they were not told last year that things were getting so bad.

The auditor said that last year's report did show growing debt and mounting losses on the camera program.

"So you have to learn from it and move on and put all of the controls in place where this does not happen again," said DCS board member Kyle Renard.

If DCS can survive financially it still has to survive two challenges in the Texas Legislature. On Thursday a House committee takes up a second bill that threatens to shut DCS down.

DCS put out a news release Tuesday claiming this new audit report proves they deserve a second chance.

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