Police: Woman Assaulted by Man in Deep Ellum Charged With Felony

L'Daijohnique Lee's lawyer, Lee Merritt, wrote the news in a Facebook post Tuesday

The woman who was assaulted by a man in a Deep Ellum parking lot March 21 has been charged with a felony for breaking the man's truck windows, police say.

Police have issued a criminal mischief warrant for L'Daijohnique Lee, which is a state jail felony because the damage done to Austin Shuffield's truck is an amount more than $2,500, Dallas police confirmed in a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

"In this case based on her own confession, witness testimony.. it was clear she committed that offense," said Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Thomas Castro.

Lee's attorney first reported the news in an Instagram post Tuesday, writing Lee broke the back windows of Shuffield's truck after the assault "in a moment of desperation."

"It is undisputed that this occurred after the unprovoked attack," Merritt's post continued.

In video of the early-morning attack captured by a witness, Shuffield can be seen slapping a cell phone out of Lee's hand before punching her in the head multiple times. He also brandishes a gun in the video.

The incident allegedly started when Lee stopped her car on Elm Street, blocking Shuffield's truck, to avoid driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

Shuffield faces three charges stemming from the attack -- unlawfully carrying a weapon, misdemeanor assault and interfering with an emergency call.

A charge of aggravated assault with deadly weapon has been referred to a grand jury.

NBC 5 spoke to former prosecutor Heath Harris who said "If someone wrecks your vehicle.. or does something you believe is a crime it doesn't give you the right to also commit a crime."

Lee said she suffered a concussion in the attack and other injuries including swelling in her jaw, a black eye and an injury to her ear. Merritt said Lee had been to the emergency room three times since the attack, most recently on Sunday, and had received referrals to a facial surgeon and a psychiatrist.

"They held him accountable now the question is are we going to hold her accountable too," said Harris.

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