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High Profile Attorney Mark O'Mara Joins Fort Worth Mom in Federal Civil Lawsuit

The family of a 15-year-old girl arrested by a Fort Worth police officer hires two high-profile attorneys to represent them in a civil lawsuit.

National outrage followed the release of a video that surfaced showing Jacqueline Craig and her 15-year-old daughter being arrested by Fort Worth Police Officer William Martin.

After an investigation, Martin was was suspended for 10 days, but would be granted a promotion if he did not appeal.

Unsatisfied with the result and lack of accountability within the Fort Worth Police Department, the Craig family will file a federal civil lawsuit with the help high profile defense attorney, Mark O’Mara. O’Mara and civil rights attorney Lee Merritt will represent Craig in the suit. O’Mara received national recognition while representing George Zimmerman.

The federal civil lawsuit will be against the city of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Police Department, Martin and Craig's neighbor.

“I don’t think the culture of police brutality will change unless police officers and police departments are held accountable," Merritt said. "They are going to go out and hire the best firms that they can and defend against these lawsuits. It’s important to my clients and it’s important for the culture that we meet fire with fire to fight for justice."

A news conference is scheduled to be held in Fort Worth later this afternoon.

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