AT&T Stadium Gets Ready for Thanksgiving

When you regularly cook for 90,000-plus people, there's no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. That's especially the case the day before Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium.

"The next 24 hours are going to be no sleep, a lot of coffee and a lot of hard work," said Tony Sinese, senior executive sous chef for Legends, which provides all food services at AT&T Stadium.

The kitchens at AT&T Stadium were alive all day Wednesday, as workers prepped salads, sliced green beans, mixed gravy and intricately decorated pies and cookies ahead of Thursday's Cowboys game.

"We plan months and months out from where we are right now," said Sinese.

Sinese has been part of the Thanksgiving Day madness for several years now and says the culinary team has it down to a science.

"We have multiple, multiple kitchens and some very highly talented chefs that will be able to make sure that everything goes out on time, just like we're preparing it for our families at home," said Sinese.

That kind of precision is the only way they can pull it off.

When all is said and done, they'll have served more than 20,000 pounds of food, including 9,200 pounds of turkey, 1,800 pounds of mashed potatoes and 420 gallons of gravy.

"You know, [the food] is just about as important as the game," said Sinese.

Thanksgiving Day food will be available in all areas of the stadium Thursday.

Arlington police are making game day preps of their own. At the request of the NFL, they're stepping up security around the stadium with additional officers, more cameras and extra bomb and vapor sniffing dogs.

Officials say no specific threats have been made against the stadium, but they want to ensure everyone stays safe during the holiday.

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