AT&T, Cowboys Ready for 100k Twitterers

AT&T has made a number of impressive technological improvements to, not only their network but Cowboys Stadium as well, to insure that customers will be able to make calls, twitter, text and update their facebook status without delay.

AT&T said they not only added a new cell tower, they completed their portion of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in the building.  The DAS is a network of more than 500 strategically placed antennas distributed throughout the stadium in a visually unobtrusive way.

"This will provide our customers with an enhanced mobile experience at Cowboys Stadium as they enjoy sporting events and concerts,” said Adam Vital, vice president and general manager, AT&T North Texas. “We are committed to providing superior coverage on AT&T’s network for all fans who spend time at this spectacular new venue.”

The DAS, which will soon also cover the parking lots for tailgaters, is designed to improve the amount of wireless voice and data traffic that the network is able to handle at large capacity gatherings like football games and concerts, where demand on the network is at its peak.

“This investment will help local residents – as well as visitors -- stay better connected when they’re at Cowboys Stadium supporting their home football team.  Going to a Cowboys game has always been a great experience.  Now it’s going to be even better,” said state Sen. Chris Harris, a strong supporter of building the new facility in Arlington. 

In a statement, AT&T outlined the goal of the DAS project as follows:

Whether AT&T customers are using their cell phones, PDAs or even laptops with wireless Internet cards, they will be able to access sports scores while on-the-go, upload photos instantly to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and use navigation to get turn-by-turn directions and traffic alerts on their way to and from the stadium.

“We have always understood that fans want to be able to immediately share their experience at Cowboys Stadium with their friends and family – whether that’s by sending a photo, a video, a text message, or making a call,” said Pete Walsh, IT Director for the Dallas Cowboys. “AT&T’s significant investment in their equipment for the DAS, as well as the new cell site at the stadium, speaks to their commitment to provide Dallas Cowboys fans with the best possible wireless experience.”

AT&T better hope it's enough.  The Dallas Cowboys and NFL are expecting 100,000-plus fans at Sunday night's game -- and you can bet many will be tweeting and facebooking to their heart's content, or at least attempting to do so.

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