AT&T Byron Nelson: Four Seasons' Gilberto Perez Prepares The Kitchen

The Four Seasons Resort’s kitchen is getting ready for its 35th, and final, Byron Nelson golf tournament.

“So what’s it like for you during that time?” NBC 5’s Kristin Dickerson asked long-time Four Seasons employee Gilberto Perez. “Fun,” Perez said.

Perez has worked at the Four Seasons since 1994. He still has his employee identification cards to prove his tenure, “different glasses, a little bit more hair,” Perez said while pointing out how the pictures have changed over time.

He started working as a bartender, “since then, I’m still here,” Perez said with a smile.

Now he’s a food and beverage supervisor, so he knows firsthand what everyone likes to eat the most. “Chicken tenders, quesadillas, and beer . . . we’re talking about thousands and thousands and thousands of all those products every day,” Perez said.

Runners deliver the food to the golf course villas, while behind the scenes in the kitchen, it’s organized chaos.

“It’s amazing how you see people moving and they are calling for this and he’s calling and he’s cooking and sandwiches and you come in like, ‘have the 15 dozen quesadillas left?’ ‘They are already gone!’” Perez said while motioning to different parts of the kitchen.

As for the players and their special food requests?

“I was expecting that they request like energy bars,” Perez said.

Nope. It’s not a request for protein, “do you have a chocolate chip cookie?” Perez asked while walking into the pastry kitchen.

The food request from some players, is for sweet chocolatey goodness: chocolate chip cookies.

“Mmm!” Perez said while taking a bite of a cookie.

And it’s more than just the players who love the tasty dessert, “this is the pastry kitchen where they do thousands and thousands of chocolate chip cookies during Byron Nelson,” Perez said while walking through the kitchen.

Now that the tournament is moving, what will Perez miss the most?

“The chicken quesadillas, chicken tenders, and the people around—ya that’s probably what I’m gonna miss most [the people],” Perez said.

But at least Perez will forever have the Four Seasons’ chocolate chip cookies. “There is something on the chocolate chip cookies. They help you to do the nice swing,” Perez said while acting out his best golf swing in the Four Seasons’ kitchen.

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