Gas Evacuation Lifted for 25 Homes, Apartment Complex Over Gas Leak Concerns

A gas evacuation has been lifted for 25 homes and an apartment complex after gas leak concerns in a northwest Dallas neighborhood. Atmos Energy confirmed the 25 homes and a portion of the Chapel Creek Apartments were evacuated Wednesday night after someone noticed the smell of natural gas along Linda Drive.

The homes that were evacuated were all in the 3400 block of Linda Drive and along Nogales Drive.[[478237643, R]]

About 18 units at Phase 1 of the Chapel Creek Apartments in that same neighborhood had also been evacuated. That's the same apartment complex that was evacuated last month due to concerns over a gas leak.

This is all going on inside a large outage zone where Atmos just finished replacing aging steel gas lines in the aftermath of a gas explosion that killed a 12-year-old girl.

Gas service is still out for about 30 homes for a total replacement of lines.

Atmos Energy provided overnight hotel rooms for the homeowners who had been evacuated.

One of those homeowners is Paco Medina, who said he all but expected the ongoing gas concerns to impact him eventually.

“I’m really concerned,” Medina said. “I’ve [been] worried about maybe later on, or in the middle of the night, they’re going to knock on the door and tell me to get out of here.”

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