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Steve Nash, LeBron James Rebuke President Trump After Trump Tower Press Conference

Adding to the turmoil of a long weekend for the President

After days of politically charged protests and violence in Charlottesville — and a response that garnered significant condemnation from both political parties — President Donald Trump released a more wholesome statement on Monday.

Then, Tuesday afternoon, after consulting advisers on infrastructure reform, Trump held another press conference, hoping to get back to his political agenda. He took questions from the media, resulting in a combative Q-&-A exchange.

Trump argued there was "blame on both sides," on the Charlottesville protest and repeated his sentiment that most notable news outlets peddled fake news.

The president has received criticism from media pundits, Democratic politicians, celebrities and even some of his own advisers for his collective responses to the racism and violence displayed in Charlottesville.

At least four members of Trump's manufacturing council have resigned, and the CEO of Wal-Mart released a statement saying Trump's original response did not go far enough. 

Now, retired and current NBA stars are taking to Twitter, voicing their displeasure with the leadership of this country.

Retired point guard Steve Nash, who played for the Dallas Mavericks from 1998-2004, tweeted: Donald Trump's ability "to defend white supremacists... sums the man up."

Current NBA superstar LeBron James, a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, tweeted "Donald Trump just made [hate] fashionable again."  

James has mocked Trump on Twitter before, though most athletes typically avoid politics to avoid polarizing their brand.

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