At-Risk TCC Students Tested for Tuberculosis

Former student tests positive for disease

Public Health workers are testing staff and students at Tarrant County College in Arlington for tuberculosis on Tuesday.
The school is screening for the infectious disease after a former student tested positive for TB.
Health workers fear as many as 200 people could be at risk.  TCC is worried about the people on campus who may have been in close contact with the diagnosed student.
Students at TCC said they're relieved that the school is working to put a stop to the spread of tuberculosis on the campus, yet some are concerned there's already been one confirmed case.
Workers said the student who is being treated for tuberculosis is from Dallas County, attended classes on the southeast campus and dropped out in February.
The potentially serious disease is spread from person-to-person through the air, for example, if someone coughs or sneezes.  It primarily attacks the lungs.
Some TCC students said they're worried about their own health.

"I think it's a bit scary.  I think it's a good requirement to have now, even in the colleges now.  You think once you move on to college you don't need any guidelines, any tests, or vaccinations.  I think that's a great idea.  That TB is pretty scary," said student Arielle Banks.
"I think it's a good thing everyone is getting tested.  The school's taking action about it," says student Hallie Funkhouser.
It will take a couple of days to receive test results.

Public health workers will be on campus again on Thursday notifying the people who are likely infected.  Then, more tests are necessary.

Tuberculosis can be treated with antibiotics.

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