Fort Worth

At Protests, Compelling Calls for Change Come From Youngest Voices

"I'm learning that not all things are equal and not all police are good," 9-year-old says

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In a week, protests in Fort Worth have gone from tense confrontations with police to family-friendly rallies where some parents bring young children.

Travis Mizell said he was trying to teach his 4-year-old son, Kai, a life lesson.

"He has a voice in this country when it comes to making change and I want him to be here at this time, so when he gets older he knows he can continue to be heard,” Mizell said.

Brandon Matthews ate a popsicle with his 7-year-old daughter Ramsey as they marched through downtown.

"I brought her because we both agree that what happened was wrong. And the next generation needs to understand that,” Matthews said.

Valerie Rashid's daughter Maylia is 9-years-old.

"It's a lot better that my mom talks to me and my dad talks to me about these things, so I can take it in easier and understand the world that I'm living in today,” Maylia said. "I'm learning that not all things are equal and not all police are good."

"We're fighting for rights for everybody,” Valerie Rashid said. “And that's what I want my daughter to be here to stand for."

The 9-year-old protester said her demand was simple.

"I would like to see equality,” she said.

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