‘As If!': Nostalgia From '90s, 2000s Anchors Museum of Memories Art Gallery in Dallas

Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for children for an hour.

A nostalgia for growing up in the '90s and early 2000's marks the walls at Museum of Memories, the latest art gallery in DFW that was created for guests to take pictures with colorful backgrounds and installations.

The museum on Main Street in Old East Dallas has drawn local social media influencers, along with anyone with an enthusiasm for taking pictures.

Some guests who stopped by the museum have traveled from as far as Louisiana and South Carolina to experience the installation, which was all done by one artist, Steffi Lynn Tsai. It’s unique because other installations in DFW, like Sweet Tooth Hotel, Psychedelic Robot and Candytopia, were constructed by various artists. [[564110971,C]]

It started with a group of six friends who wanted to help champion Steffi's dream of creating something interactive and showing her art to the world, said her brother and museum cofounder Jeremy Tsui.

"The fact that we see so many of these art installations pop up is a great thing," Jeremy said. "Having so many art exhibits provides sources of inspiration and the best part is for Millennials, like me, the more the merrier. There’s so much demand for it."

The space is an old club turned into a quirky, colorful room with separate spaces to experience. As you walk up the stairs to the gallery, there’s a mural that says "the best is yet to come" and it doesn’t disappoint. [[564167902,C]]

One space is themed "Saturday morning cartoons" with a life-sized carton of milk and bowl full of cereal, marshmallows and all. Behind the bowl is pictures of TV screens with cartoon motifs from shows like Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Blues Clues, Spongebob Squarepants, the Fairly Odd Parents and more.

Step up and take a selfie with quotes throughout the museum from Full House, Mean Girls, Clueless, Kim Possible and Destiny’s Child "Say My Name."

Some of the most popular installations are the color rooms, which are monochromatic, and people come to dress up and match them, Manager Aisha Haider said.

Guests can become a Barbie doll by stepping into the life-size box and you can choose from Disco Dancer Barbie or Cowgirl Barbie.

A Halloween installation with a cauldron, giant candy and ghosts will remain a few days after Oct. 31.

Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for children for an hour. Go here for more information.

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