As ‘Dak-Mania’ Spreads, Prescott Avenue is Abuzz

The Cowboys are still riding high after a seasonal sweep of the Washington Redskins. With a franchise-best 10 straight wins, the NFL and the nation are taking notice.

While almost all of Dallas is abuzz, there is a certain pride on Prescott Avenue.

“I’m definitely a Dak Prescott fan. I live on Prescott. You’ve got to be a Dak Prescott fan,” Cordell Adams said. “Dak has brought a whole new meaning to the Cowboys.”

Blue and silver fire hydrants dot the street and conversations about the ‘Boys are plentiful.

“We’re going to have a Prescott-themed party instead of a Christmas-themed party,” Courtney Lewis said. “We’re going to do a ‘Prescott at Prescott’ in December. I’m a big fan.”

Fans said they are hopeful for this season and beyond.

“You’ve got Dez that’s been there a while and Tony and other veterans with the rookies and they’ve all been jiving so well,” Lewis said. “It’s really inspiring and it’s really cool to see, especially for America’s Team.”

“When he is setting records and Zeke is setting records, we keep on pushing them,” Adams added.

They believe the entire team is talented with Dak Prescott at the helm.

“What a great leader he is. He’s really poised. He obviously plays really well under pressure,” Lewis said.

“I think he’s everything that we’ve been looking for as far as a quarterback is concerned. He’s mobile, he’s agile. He can pass. He can throw,” Lewis added.

Longtime fans are thinking back to the glory days.

“So you get more into it and you think, ‘That’s the reason I’ve been a Cowboys fan forever.’ So, he’s making it all come back for everybody,” Lewis said.

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