Texas Connects Us: Artist Painting Mavericks' Spray-Paint Mural Credits God's Gift

Willie Nelson, John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are just some of the faces featured in murals around Dallas painted by Josh Mittag. But his latest piece, which is still in the works, has a message even bigger than the two-story building it covers.

“I love what I do,” said Mittag, leaning on his latest spray-painted mural that’s nearly complete.

He has trained in everything from brushes to pastels, tattoo guns to now spray cans.

“It’s fun, creating art is fun. You just use what you have and your creativity will make it work,” Mittag said.

The benefit of using aerosol is that he can cover a much larger surface, and also convey a more powerful message to more people who walk or drive by his artwork on buildings.

“I believe in no limits,” Mittag said with a smile. “I believe that we’re pregnant with potential, and it’s never released until we start applying our talents and our gifts.”

Although he’s been spray painting for about four years, Mittag said his talents and gifts came at birth.

”God has been wowing me all my life with what He’s put in me,” Mittag said.

He’s continuing to share his gifts with others by making things around him more beautiful.

“This wasn’t a very attractive wall to the people who live across the street,” Mittag said. “So I’ve had a lot of compliments that they get something nice to look at every day.”

His painting partner is his long-time friend Theo, who explained how the environment and the weather play a key role in their artistic process.

“Used to, the wind was a deterrent, but now the wind we use that when we need to do the misting, it’s like ‘okay it’s the perfect time,’” said Theo.

Mittag is from Dallas, and this latest project is special to him because it features his favorite team.

“It’s even more fun because I get to paint for the Mavs, and I feel like that’s my team,” said Mittag, proudly wearing a Mavericks’ championship T-shirt. “So I’m able to do something for them like they do for us.”

Mittag’s mural is on the side of the Maverick’s new practice facility. He worked with the Mavericks on the design and together they created the mural’s look.

The only player featured is number 41. “Dirk is a person that’s committed to his team and we’re committed to the city,” said Mittag.

And just as one player can influence his team, Mittag said, “the team influences the city, also, and it gives us something to root for, something to feel good about, and something to brag about.”

As part of this commissioned art, the Mavericks worked with Josh to make it a tribute to their hometown: Dallas.

"We just wanted to create something for the city to feel good about,” said Mittag.

Something that showed strength, resilience and the ability to come together no matter what happens; something like “Dallas Strong”; those words are still being painted with the Dallas skyline in the background of the mural.

What does “Dallas Strong” mean to Mittag?

“Coming together, unity, as opposed to division," Mittag said. "You know, when things go wrong people tend to point fingers; but instead of focusing on the negative, we wanted to point the finger at something positive. You know, just the city being able to stay strong and not fall apart because of bad things happening.”

Working for his favorite team, to create a gift for his hometown, while fulfilling his life’s purpose.

“Art is my purpose. And this is one way for me to show my support,” said Mittag.

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